SAP PV & Wind Turbine Payback Calculator

JPA TL Ltd. - one of the UK's leading Software for Construction developers has now added a stand-alone SAP PV & Wind Turbine Payback Calculator to the JPA Designer suite of calculation tools.

The JPA Designer SAP PV Payback calculator allows you enter the wattage, pitch, orientation and overshading of all solar panels, number and size of any turbines, all costs and tariffs to calculate the output, payback period and financial benefits.

Results are shown in separate electricity generation and payback windows.

You can customise the software settings to include your Company logo, details and contact information and add customer details to the report.

The report can then be printed and included within your quotation package to potential clients.

Client projects can be saved, adjusted and revisited.
Multiple arrangement, payback options and variations can be produced in the single client file for comparison purposes.

January 2016: version 6.03a1 released.